Step towards Greener

  1. The products & services we offer
  2. The way we behave towards the people & communities with whom we interact
  3. The environmental impact of the energy we use
  4. The way we transport our products and ourselves
  5. The way we use the earth's resources to minimise waste

We have been striving to be a more sustainable business for some time, and have made real progress, but the more we understand about the issues, the greater we see the need for more radical action.

Step towards Greener

Sustainability is important to us. We are committed to systematically improving our performance across the whole sustainability spectrum. To achieve this we have set ourselves ambitious visions and goals across five broad strategic areas:

Our ambition

It is our ambition to reduce the whole-life ecological footprint of the decorating process and to contribute to more sustainable home, work and leisure environments, as well as minimise the environmental impacts of our own operations. 'Step Towards Greener' explains our approach. It recognises that there are no instant fixes but acknowledges that progress will be made by making many step-wise improvements to reach our sustainability goals.

The way we achieve this is also important and we are committed to step towards greener with openness and honesty. Our hope is that the following pages will demonstrate these commitments.

Download our policy report

For further information download "Sustainability in Action 2010 - How we are delivering on our vision" (PDF, 2.37MB)

Download Sustainability in action 2010